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‘Beliefs’ Can Suddenly Change in a Crisis. *Experiences* Are Durable.

Old beliefs will not do for stopping a crisis of mindset. We need real experiences to learn from. I encountered some interesting thoughts today in my brief reading time:

In my view, lately we can give weight to old, deep, unconscious “phantasies”–sometimes without realizing it. In normal life, we would not give much credibility to such material. “However, such phantasies have a license to intrude on us when disbelief is suspended, as at a horror movie.”…or, I might add, in truly shocking times.

“I would make the distinction between beliefs that have been surmounted…and those that have been worked through and relinquished…A belief that has been surmounted I regard as one simply overcome by another belief…It is like believing one thing when in company and in daylight, and another when alone in the dark.”

What real experiences have you had lately that are not a news headline or someone else’s streaming dream? What are you experiencing right now, in this moment? Focus there.

(Quotes by R. Britton, found in N. Abel-Hirsch’s Bion: 365 Quotes; my italics)

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