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Therapy Isn’t Rocket (or Computer) Science—It’s ‘Simple but Not Easy’ part III

Leading up to some aspects of the human predicament... Many times, I’ve asked someone, “what would it be like for you inside / what would it mean / what would happen…if ______?”. The first response is often an externally oriented fact, a plan of action to neutralize or deal with the ‘if’, or some statement or solution that ‘makes [rational]...[ read more ]

Therapy Isn’t Rocket (or Computer) Science—It’s Simple but Not Easy part II

So, what is better therapy—better than preplanned, mechanically precise, and, eventually, algorithmic? Better therapy involves, under relatively controlled conditions, being deeply and actively understood—known—by another being who is also in the human predicament, like you. They can therefore truly identify with you, at least to a sufficient degree. Identification is a root of empathy. Identification can go awry, but that’s...[ read more ]

Therapy Isn’t Rocket (or Computer) Science—It’s Simple but Not Easy part I

Psychotherapy and counseling are not like auto mechanics, rocket science, or computer programming. Or, at least, those disciplines are not sufficient metaphors. Our mind-brains don’t work that way, either. For my money, they will not respond as therapeutically well to an approach that treats them like machines, nor to an approach involving being treated by one. A bench press is...[ read more ]

The Value of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy – 1

While in practice I often integrate theories to come to a best understanding of how to work with each patient / client and method of doing so, I identify as predominantly a 'psychodynamic' psychotherapist / counselor. I think the quote below does a good job of explaining one aspect of that. It comes from a short piece I found very...[ read more ]

(More) Thoughts on Sleep

I discovered some little writings I had on my desktop about sleep I thought I might share them as a part of me returning to posting here. The sleep state, and particularly the dream state, are an opportunity for an almost entirely unaware status to dominate, a status that is not anchored in the normal viewpoint of 'cause and effect'....[ read more ]

All Comments Disabled – Sorry!

I had to disable comments due to the persistent spamming of my blog. I hope any readers can continue to enjoy this material even though they currently cannot comment. Thank you! -Dr. Michael

Another View on What I Do: Key-Finding for Hearts’ Desires

I've been thinking of a concise, cohesive message for my practice to add to the website and elsewhere... I help sensitive, conflicted achievers near Claremont, CA get unstuck, unlost, unafraid, and unashamed, by compassionately decoding, accepting, and caring for their discarded hearts’ desires. I counsel and foster thoughtful people who feel something is lacking or missing but can’t quite put...[ read more ]

Understanding & Healing Emotional Neglect

I have been thinking lately about my specialties and how they connect. Though there are others, I believe one connecting factor is history of emotional neglect. What is emotional neglect? Emotional neglect involves the repeated emotional absence of others, sometimes routinely, sometimes when their emotional presence was needed more than usual. The emotional presence of trusted others helps to regulate...[ read more ]

Guest Post: Signs It’s Time to Move Closer to a Senior Loved One

For this most recent, I have a guest post from Hazel Bridges at This is about knowing when it might be time to move nearer to a loved one who has increased care or contact needs. Thank you, Hazel! -Dr. Michael As your parents or grandparents get older, they may require more support with day-to-day activities. If you currently...[ read more ]

Growth In the Office: A Metaphoric Photo Diary

Early this year I was proud and admiring of one of my office plants for developing a new shoot which, eventually, became the tallest of the bunch. In a mindful, pondering mood today, I decided to share its progress over those weeks, adding some metaphorical comments. Perhaps you can simply use this post as a relaxing, time-out metaphor when you...[ read more ]

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