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Relationships, Life Changes, Therapy, and Personality: Self-Confident Style

Self-confident: the need to be recognized and achieve

Who has a streak or main aspect of Self-Confident? Do you know someone who believes, no matter what happens, that they are exceptional? When treated unceremoniously, do they openly or silently protest until they get recognition? Is their desire for accomplishment and success almost brazen? Often, they are tough climbers, good at utilizing the strengths of others, and seasoned interpersonal...[ read more ]

Relationships, Life Changes, Therapy, and Personality: Self-Sacrificing Style

Help for helpers

Predominantly Self-Sacrificing individuals are what many would call the ‘salt of the earth’. For a first set of easily visible qualities, we can see in the Self-Sacrificing a giving nature, honesty, helpfulness, acceptance of others, loyalty, humbleness, patience, and willingness to tolerate discomfort for progress and for others. However, Self-sacrificing folks have a tendency not to suspect the dark or deceptive...[ read more ]

Relationships, Life Changes, Therapy, and Personality: Dramatic Style

Who has a streak or main aspect of Dramatic? That friend, coworker, partner, or relation of yours who runs on emotion, is expressive, affectionate, and changeable? They function best when everyone is watching. They ensure their appearance will be known and often charm others. They respond with easy enthusiasm to new things and ideas, trust (sometimes too much), and can...[ read more ]

Relationships, Life Changes, Therapy, and Personality: Sensitive Style

A man relaxing in a space that keeps his sensitive style calm and stable

Who has a streak or main aspect of Sensitive? That friend, coworker, or relation of yours who loves doing familiar things, is mortified when they make a minor faux pas, is cautious and thoughtful, usually controlled-seeming? The one who performs admirably when prepared and briefed, worries quite a bit, took a few months to share private thoughts? Later you discover...[ read more ]

Accessible, Nuanced Personality Description for Therapy: A Series

Nails show personality styles give relationships, work, and creativity their variety

I am a self-rediscovered fan of a book and system I again ran into. It was from my earliest psychology days and written by John Oldham, M.D. and Lois Morris: The New Personality Self-Portrait. The book is a straightforward, realistic way to look at the personality styles, strengths, and challenges of individuals, while not getting into pathological aspects. Looking at...[ read more ]

Collaboration Versus Isolation: Ideas Provoked by the Documentary ‘Room 237’

Keep doors open in your relationships with communication, collaboration, and compassion

I became fascinated by the documentary Room 237 a few years ago. It is a collection of interpretive perspectives on the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining, narrated by cinephiles who are obsessed with it. Now, I hesitated on this post…  The family in The Shining are snowed into a remote hotel and bad things begin to happen. Maybe not a...[ read more ]

Mockingbird at Dawn

Mockingbird 'just singing' shows us how we can benefit from self-reflection and action; psychotherapy can help

[audio mp3=""][/audio] Things are not always sweetness and light. We should acknowledge that. However, then we are still left with what we are and therefore must do. I awoke to this. It just kept going and doing its thing. I noticed (after transferring the recording) that it had not stopped for hours. No insistence on rose-colored, or doom-pronouncing, lenses. No distractions....[ read more ]

March 2020 Interview

Radio interview of Claremont, CA psychologist Chris Michael on therapy and counseling

This was with Business Talk Radio; the link below simply refers you to their website to have a listen...

Laying Awake These Days? Improve Your Sleep…without sedatives

Sleeping cat knows what Christopher Michael, therapist, sometimes has to say to humans about sleep

OK, these are the times that keep us awake at night, if we're not busily trying to prep and maintain for the crisis about us lately. Also, sometimes we don't need a crisis like this one to make it hard to sleep. Sometimes it's just hard. Improving sleep will improve health, including mental health, and immunity. Many of you might...[ read more ]

6 Signs You are Having Good Therapy Sessions

A happy wink is easier after good therapy sessions / counseling because of knowledge, skills, and self-compassion

This is for your curiosity and information and is also a list to which I can hold myself! The more of these you get in your therapy or counseling sessions, the better overall. 1. The counseling setting is secure, comforting, and not too distracting. This forms a safe, shared space for two cooperating minds, not a space in which the...[ read more ]

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