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Symptoms as Unconscious Control Routines

Therapy can make you feel less puppeted

A paradox in counseling and therapy? Many people talk about mental health symptoms or life problems as things to be cut out, like surgery. “X medication works for Y. This manualized counseling / behavioral mod treatment works, too. Just follow procedures.” Brings to mind the phrase about unwanted behavior, “Just cut it out.” In my opinion that does not work...[ read more ]

Understanding Compassion Fatigue

Helping all day can be a lot; compassion fatigue and burnout for helpers who need help, too

Do you have a professional or non-professional job to do that involves helping others who have been through a lot? If so… Do you frequently want to call in sick or pray that you will not be needed? Find yourself exhausted? Does work frequently, mentally, and emotionally intrude even when you are several hours out of work? Even though you...[ read more ]

Dealing with the Psychological ‘Flu’

Note: this post was originally written and placed on another website platform long before the current crisis with COVID-19. It has a recent publication date due to my change to a new web platform near that time. Please read in psychological terms and with understanding for this timing. -Dr. M During a training on compassion fatigue, I had a great...[ read more ]

Four Reasons to Try a Male Therapist

Reasons to choose a male therapist

Reasons to Try a Male Therapist 137 female therapists listed, 19 male, and 16 non-binary: the results of my recent gender search of a popular therapist directory for my city of practice. Although perhaps male therapists are not advertising there (not likely), this tells me choices are much fewer for those who want, or might benefit from, what I will...[ read more ]

Understanding Burnout in Helpers, Caregivers, and Others

Man with never-ending, frustrating, conflicting tasks burned out, needs therapy

Burned out? We have all heard friends, family, and colleagues say about work or personal matters, “I’m so burned out.” Then they tell us the reasons. Nearly all of us have done this, in addition to having heard this. This kind of burnout talk is a signal. It lets us know when situations have progressed beyond annoyances to seemingly unmanageable....[ read more ]

Why Talk About Emotions in Psychotherapy and Counseling?

Showing love is an outcome of good therapy and counseling

In my view, some therapists miss the boat and talk about emotions because (to simplify): “it’s good for you to vent”. That is just a sliver of the reason. Also, while bottling up emotions is unhealthy, pure venting (especially Anger / Hatred) is not all that helpful--see Good therapists talk about emotions because it helps them understand people and their...[ read more ]

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