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Breakup Counseling & Toxic Relationships

Seeing Through the Pain by Addressing Relationship Roles and Patterns

You feel devastated, abandoned, regretful, or lost. 

A partner, friend, or family relationship is ending or forever changed. You are desperate to save or regain it. Or a toxic relationship leads to resentment, hopelessness, nervousness, or feeling betrayed. 

You wonder how this relationship could turn out so much worse than you hoped. You have thought about moving on, but doubt whether there is anyone out there who can be with you in a way that will work.

You feel like you are on a rollercoaster. Out of sudden emptiness or not wanting to lose the investment, you are tempted to drain yourself dry to revitalize the troubled relationship. Or, out of frustration and despair, you give up and refuse to be vulnerable again.

You might wonder:

  • How did I get blindsided again?
  • Maybe if I just try harder, this relationship will come back and get better.
  • Am I really getting misused, misunderstood, ignored, or cheated?
  • How do I make sure this heartbreak never happens again?

You should know you can reframe an unproductive, lost, or painful relationship. In the process you will learn things about yourself that will help in the future.

It is all right to heal and change at your pace. With a knowledgeable and compassionate supporter in your corner, you can see and avoid past and future relationship stumbling blocks. 

Therapy can help you past a toxic or lost relationship

In therapy, you see how to correct and modify your previous assumptions about you, others, and relationships. Then you can practice new, healthier roles and maintain them. Practicing makes you more open to your real desires and self. You understand and trust yourself more with any new options and opportunities to be with others. 

You become more confident at seeing who truly deserves your devotion and trust. You are better able to modify that trust as needed. That makes it easier to avoid the magnetic pull of your previous anxieties about relationships and resist the urge to keep replicating related, ineffective actions. 

You can learn to trust and love again

You grow to realize the nature of your relationships is up to you. 

Your fate does not have to be ‘keep the negative relationships you’ve known, or be alone’.

You gain assurance that there will be someone for you, even when things have gone wrong. 

This comes from deeply understanding old influences, having compassion for yourself and others, and increasing new, optimal actions in your relationships. 

Through therapy, you can release toxic relationships, to reveal clarity and hope.

I know it can be difficult to make that first contact. Keep in mind that by doing so, you will start learning from a new, specialized kind of relationship from the first session. That learning will only increase and solidify over time, so you can use it in your larger life. 

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