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COVID-19 & Illness (January 2023)

Given the trajectory of COVID-19, the increasing vaccination of the population, and relaxation of restrictions, I am open for in-person sessions or online / telephone sessions.

That said, for the safety of you, your loved ones, other patients, other occupants of the office complex, my loved ones, and me, I am taking the following precautions regarding COVID-19 and other communicable illnesses.

Every day, I will be tracking my wellness. If I feel truly unwell in ways (or measurements) potentially matching COVID-19 or other possibly contagious conditions, I will cancel or make online / telephone arrangements. Those alternate arrangements might continue indefinitely until I can be sure I am healthy.

If needed, I will test myself for COVID-19 and keep patients updated about possible exposures.

I am asking patients to track their wellness as well. If you are unwell or are still within a window of being contagious, please do not come to an in-person session. Instead, we can do an online or telephone session, modalities that I have found successful and smooth.

If you do not know if you are unwell with a contagious condition or are still contagious, you can find the symptoms and timelines of COVID-19, flu, and other infections, by doing a simple online search and trusting only official government agencies, rather than ads, podcasts, blogs, etc.

I am maintaining 6’+ distance between me and patients. I ask you do the same, including between any other patients, members of the public, or other office inhabitants you might encounter in the waiting area.

I will discuss your preferences and my preferences regarding masks. They may depend upon whether you have an immune compromising condition, current COVID-19 and other statistics, my current health, and our vaccinations status (if you are comfortable sharing it) .

Government directives and recommendations, as they stand and change, may dictate mask usage in our sessions.

Touch will not be employed purposefully or allowed, except for provision of physical safety, accidental touch, etc. 

I use electronic medical records and, nearly always, electronic billing / payment. There should be little need to touch objects exchanged objects, though we now know the main transmission of COVID-19 is not by touch.

Thank you for your understanding and for your best adherence to these procedures.