Mockingbird at Dawn

Mockingbird 'just singing' shows us how we can benefit from self-reflection and action; psychotherapy can help

Things are not always sweetness and light. We should acknowledge that. However, then we are still left with what we are and therefore must do.

I awoke to this. It just kept going and doing its thing. I noticed (after transferring the recording) that it had not stopped for hours. No insistence on rose-colored, or doom-pronouncing, lenses. No distractions. No voice dubs or auto-tuners. No talking heads. Pure being, from which the ‘doing’ then flows. Just being what it is and, therefore, singing.

I wish I could so easily be what the mockingbird is. Maybe we can all work toward that, or realize that we all already are there and just need to listen. Enjoy.

Dr. Michael

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