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Growth In the Office: A Metaphoric Photo Diary

Early this year I was proud and admiring of one of my office plants for developing a new shoot which, eventually, became the tallest of the bunch. In a mindful, pondering mood today, I decided to share its progress over those weeks, adding some metaphorical comments.

Perhaps you can simply use this post as a relaxing, time-out metaphor when you need to take a moment, slow down, and re-center.

My office is secure, undisturbed, and an even temperature. Taking care of my plants here is something I keep in mind as intentional and wanted, but not obsessive. Here is how my desk plant started to expand:





See the new shoot (the green tip emerging in the center)? A new venture. Courage and determination, under the correct, safe conditions.

In the second picture, it is slowly showing an emerging leaf. This kind of growth cannot be rushed, only supported and observed.

My office has good light but sometimes I must close the blinds for privacy or to keep the glare off my online sessions. But, as soon as I can, I open them again. When I occasionally forget, I open them as soon as I can. It all works out with the plants as long as I don’t unintentionally keep them in the dark too long.

When I’m not here I leave them open, so the plants get the most natural day and night they can. I observe them and see if they need anything. How is their growth or maintenance going?


Now we’re getting some real direction and strength, though this is still a young and vulnerable shoot. Notice not just one leaf was curled up in there. It was more than one.

Next, major growth and expansion in about one week. Multiple leaves are obvious.

I water this plant weekly–I don’t want to oversoak the soil and roots. Not too much, not too little. It is important to give a ‘good enough’ amount and to watch carefully, adjusting as needed. If it’s dry, I give a bit more water. On average, it’s not a large amount at all but it’s good and regular. And the plant grows.




A bit of detail of what is unfurling here.


I’d say this is coming into its own and showing how it is going to look and orient itself.


The best is yet to come.





In the last one, do you see something near where the first new shoot started? Yes; more new, small, but fully formed leaves. More growth that I did not even expect.







There is nothing earth-shaking or pulse-pounding in this post, though perhaps from the plant’s perspective there might be sometimes. There is just consistency, a growth mindset and desire, adaptation, control of light when needed, free access to light (and dark) in natural cycles, and the right amount of water.

Natural capacities for growth, acceptance of gradual and cyclic development, and attentive meeting of growth needs = growth and thriving. Produce (or find) that where you can.

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