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Individual Therapy

Feeling like the underdog lately? 

More than ever, you feel defeated and worried about what will stand in your way next. Regardless of sleep or hot baths, you’re tired and wound up. On edge, with bouts of tears or panicky feelings. The worst part is you can’t see a way out by just doing more of what you already do. And no one has shown you other ways.

Now, what?” sums it up.

Staying in that difficult, trapped place can lead to anxiety and trouble performing. It can also lead to depression and apathy. But this isn’t the end. You are not alone in this and really can change with the right guide.

Solving the hard problems on your own…is rough

The way to self-confidence, self-trust, self-compassion is expanded awareness. But you are upset, confused, and stuck in what you think you already know.

Analyzing your own troubles is like trying to see your own face with no mirror. The more stuck you feel, the more you see the unknown as only ‘bad’, and the less you want to take any new chances. That means constant tension or depression.

Individual therapy can help you

First, you may be partly or totally unclear, distorted, or narrow about what you really want. Also, you don’t realize that sometimes your desires are in conflict. You may have needed different learning experiences in your past, but never got them. Maybe you didn’t even realize they were needed or even possible.

In therapy, you experience a private, safe space to be purely heard. When your desires are simply accepted, you begin to feel less anxiety and shame about having them. 

With my help, you discover how too much emotional attachment to outcomes is what makes desires work against each other. You figure out what was ‘missing’ for you. 

As you do that with my help, the intense, emotional grasping calms. You grow trust in your ability to do things differently and think about them in new ways.

The time is now for growth and movement

My goal is to help you reduce your emotional pain and find those new ways of being, acting, and thinking. Instead of finding dead ends alone, you can leverage my training and years of experience  resolving painful conflicts and calming the shocks of life.

Using the therapy as your slingshot, you begin to feel better faster than on your own. Your internal growth develops deeper roots and feels even more real because you created it with guidance. You can rest easy that your navigator knows the map but is also flexible and creative. 

I get it. Right now, you worry just another round of ‘bad’ is coming, but therapy can help you find a new direction in life.

I work to help you develop the courage, insight, and experiences that lead to confidence, self-acceptance, flexibility, and life satisfaction.

If you’ve had enough seeking for answers and strategies all alone, if you’ve had enough anxiety and apathy from roadblocks, then I’m here for you. Reach out to me below, and let’s get moving.