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Online / Telephone Individual Therapy

Conflicted. Anxious. Depressed. Overwhelmed.

You know you need individual therapy help but also:

  • You want a full selection of therapists, regardless of distance
  • Your schedule or logistics will not allow office visits except for emergencies
  • You cannot come to the office for a few of your usual appointments
  • Your condition does not allow for an office visit or
  • There are major societal events disruptive to in-person sessions

Situations like the ones above point to online or telephone individual therapy as an excellent option for you.

I perform individual therapy in my office or online / telephone. So, to see more about my individual therapy approach overall, please see the individual therapy page. I also allow flexible use of both formats, to assist with busy schedules.

Telehealth counseling and therapy (online or telephone) gives great results. 

These modes have also become rapidly accepted and common. I take into account that I cannot see all aspects of your body and behavior in sessions. Also, I assess whether your problem is appropriate for telehealth alone (in most cases, it will be). 

We also ensure that our locations are each private and the communications are secure. With rare exceptions, I conduct telehealth sessions from my professional office in Claremont, CA.

Don’t let schedule, distance, or public health factors block your access to therapy. With telehealth therapy, you can still receive the contact you need with an empathic-yet-insightful therapist in full, private, undistracted sessions.  

When you’re ready to lock in your opportunity for new feelings of freedom, hope, and self-assurance–regardless of logistics–you owe it to yourself to try telehealth therapy. 

To do that, call me at 909-766-2221 or book a free, 15-minute consultation, below.