Online / Telephone Individual Therapy

As I note on my Individual Therapy page (please read, it applies here too), if you need help on an individualized basis with difficulties in your life, individual psychotherapy / counseling sessions are the way to go. Group treatment and individual treatment have their unique benefits, while some benefits overlap. They are helpful in different ways.

Individual therapy makes it easier for some to feel secure, fully heard, and resolved. It also provides the full attention and efforts of an expert who focuses only on what you bring, what it means, and how to help you.

Regarding the online / telephone version of individual psychotherapy, it is a great option in several instances:

  • When you want a full selection of psychotherapists, or a highly specific one, regardless of geographic distance
  • When your schedule or logistics will not allow you to come to the office
  • When you usually come to the office, but cannot for one or a few sessions
  • When your condition, physical or psychological, does not allow for an office visit
  • When there are major events disruptive to in-person business, such as in 2020

I think telephone and online sessions give great results. Of course, in-office individual therapy does offer additional channels of body language, situation / context, and more. Please see my related page on safety and procedures my office is currently using for the COVID-19 pandemic. That page also addresses some other concerns / considerations people may have about distance psychotherapy. For more on the details of my individual therapy approach, please see About.

Please note, I generally do not do online or telephone psychotherapy across state lines, because I am licensed only in California.

Reach out to me today for an assessment for individual therapy or to schedule your first appointment. If online or telephone is the needed option, we can quickly and easily set it up.