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Therapy For Social Anxiety

I Can Help You Increase Your Inner Confidence & Let Go Of Social Anxiety

Online Therapy for California

Shaky, unfocused, shy, embarrassed, tongue-tied.

You try so hard to avoid being on the spot in any ‘bad’ way. So, you miss new opportunities and experiences–or accidentally sabotage the ones you already have.

You wonder if others will ever see the value and strength you want to feel in yourself. You get demoralized, hopeless, or frustrated. 

Exerting so much mental energy is tiring.

You have important plans, and you want others to know you. 

Yet, something keeps you doubting and keeps you from expressing yourself. 

When you do decide to rush in and ‘just do it’, you are mortified if things don’t go ‘just so’. That leads to more avoidance, and more longing.

You begin to think:

  • I’ll never be a real ________.
  • I focus so hard on how I’m coming across, so why doesn’t it work out?
  • I must carefully monitor how others see me, or they won’t approve and accept me.
  • People will see I am an imposter or a dreamer with no substance.

You feel that others are always critiquing and judging as much as you do. This leads to freezing up, dragging feet, and unnatural responses. 

You just wish you could express yourself freely…but you’re not sure how.

The truth is, there can an end to this social anxiety and low self confidence. 

You can find new ways to feel free to be yourself. You just need guidance from someone who is invested in your growth.

Therapy can help you increase self-confidence and reduce social anxiety

Somewhere in your past, you learned that your worth as a person is dependent on other people’s satisfaction with your performance, image, or identity. 

That leads you to judge yourself too hard, care too much what others may think, and put you in your head.

Therapy helps solves this by developing your understanding that most others do not realize everything going on with you. 

You realize they do not judge you as harshly as you do and do not tie your worth so closely to your image. 

You develop more compassion and acceptance of your gifts and needs–and for others, too. 

Your situational anxiety decreases and you feel increased self-assurance. 

That gives you the comfort to try to be yourself, to relate and express yourself.

This is your time to be free from social anxiety and gain more self confidence.

Therapy will free you from doubts about you, and anxieties about whether you are liked and respected. 

  • You learn to maintain your growing freedom and confidence by understanding the link between your past and current habits.
  • Self-doubts become quick little scribblings you can bypass, instead of a big, growing book. 
  • You feel confident and grounded because you produced it and remind yourself, instead of looking to others for it.

Ultimately, you feel free because you can go and socialize as you want to, while feeling confident in yourself, and not limited by what you can do in life.

I’m here to help you make it happen.

It just takes reaching out to get started. 

If you’re ready, I’m here to help you release social anxiety and find your deserved confidence.

Click below to schedule a consultation, or call me directly at 909-766-2221.

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Meet Dr. Chris Michael

I know that things seem almost impossible now, but I can help you prepare and gather your strength to climb out and up. 

Not only do I know personally about what I say here, but I have helped many people like you feel grounded, proud, and open.

Why should you choose to work with me?

  • I am a Licensed Psychologist with over 15 years of experience
  • I specialize in social anxiety and self confidence; issues with which I do my best work with  clients
  • I’m goal oriented in my therapy, so you can know you’re on track from day one
  • I provide online therapy for California, so you can get the benefits of therapy without driving, parking, or taking too much time from your day!

If you have decided that it is time to find your natural place in the world, feel secure in it, and find more happiness and calm, then let’s get started!

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